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This article offers an analysis of the first four years of functioning of Express Entry, a new on‐line application management system to select skilled entrants for Canada’s key economic immigration programs leading to permanent residence. Based on interviews with 20 experts on Canadian immigration policies, we identified a number of strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian Express Entry system related to four areas: immigration policy making, processing of applications, selection of immigrants, and retention of immigrants. Since these areas are integral parts of immigration policies in all countries and Canada is a long‐term leader in the design of points‐based systems for selection of skilled immigrants, we also specify several lessons from the Canadian experience with the Express Entry system for other countries seeking to attract skilled immigrants. 
Klima a jeho změny je jedny z hlavních faktorů ovlivňujících migraci obyvatel. Připojujeme do COST akce CA19109 – European network for Mediterranean cyclones in weather and climate

Cyclones are the main weather modulators in the Mediterranean region and constitute a major environmental risk, often producing windstorms and heavy rainfall. Moreover, cyclones play a key role in the regional climate variability by controlling the oceanic circulation and regional water cycle, and by mobilizing and transporting large amounts of dust from North Africa.


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